12/12 2001: SOME PICTURES

Here are a few pictures from the Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen tour. Because of poor quality they're not compressed further. Maybe we'll add a photo gallery with more content later.


Interview with Mads and review of Redhanded on the Italian GuitarChef site


All Norwegian gigs are now settled for Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band:

08/11: Den Stundesløse, Bergen
09/11: Hardingasete, Norheimsund
10/11: Pers Hotel, Gol
12/11: Smuget, Oslo

The main object is to promote Thompson's new solo album Won't Lie Down (Playground Records), but they will also play the Thompson/Eriksen songs from Redhanded, classics from
Manfred Mann's Earth Band and highlights from Thompson's solocareer.

The band will be:

Mads: lead guitar
Frank Hovland: bass
Gunnar Bjelland: keyboards
Steinar Krokstad: drums
Kim Fairchild: back-up vocals

U.S Tour: Due to the terrorist attacks and the subsequent low attendance at concerts in the U.S., all live dates planned for this fall is postponed until february/march next year. Redhanded is going to be released early 2002 in the U.S. on Holographic Records.

Live dates, Mad&Hungry:

23-24/11: Kremmerholmen, Fedje
26/12: Norheimsund
28-29/12: Den Stundesløse, Bergen

02/10 2001: WEB AWARD

Maybe not terribly important in these times but this site has been chosen for a Golden Web Award. I'm not sure how much I would put into this, but recognition and flattery is always welcome...I'm not a big fan of putting cheesy award logos all over the place, but this was kind of nice, so here you are.

15/09 2001: USA TRAGEDY

Of course you all know what happened in USA this week. Tuesday, september 11. will go down as one of the darkest moments in history. Our thoughts and deep sympathy goes to all those who were affected by these horrible and evil acts of terror.


Mads is bandleader on a rock'n roll nachspiel at Den Stundesløse following Bryan Adams' concert in Bergen on wednesday august 29. 2001. Guests will be TNT guitar player Ronni Le Tekrø and Stage Dolls leader Torstein Flakne. The band consists of Mads, Frank Hovland (bass), Harald Dahlstrøm (keyboards) and
Steinar Krokstad (ex. Stage Dolls/Vagabond) on drums. On the setlist is music by Stage Dolls, Bryan Adams, TNT, Rypdal/Tekrø and Mads Eriksen....

Mad&Hungry, the project featuring Mads and blues singer/harmonica player John Magnar "Hungry John" Bernes is playing every night at the Coastal Express (Hurtigruten) that goes from Bergen up north to Kirkenes and back again, from september 9. - september 20. The repertoir will be a mix of Mads's instrumentals and "Hungry John's" blues numbers, mixed with some rock'n roll classics.

Mads will tour for the Norwegian Concert Institute (Rikskonsertene) with fellow Bergen guitar players Ole Thomsen and Arild Seim in Møre og Romsdal (county of Norway) from september 24. - october 4.

An U.S. tour is scheduled for late october - look also for details on Scandinavian dates for Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen gigs in november!

15/08 2001LINKED BY ZOOG...

This website has been added to de.signed, a german design portal which is focusing on well designed websites. It's nice and inspiring that people seem to like the design of the site.


We have added a guestbook in the contact section. Here you can write whatever you like, basically. If you have comments or views on Mads Eriksen's website, his music or the general state of the world, don't hesitate to add your thoughts. You can of course write in either English or Norwegian.

08/07 2001: ONE MORE MP3 OUT

We have found a solution to the problem described below. Simple really, we just put the mp3's on a different server that we have available. This is hosted by NextGenTel, Klunk Design's ADSL provider.
So we have another mp3 in the albums section, Burning Light.
Happy listening!

05/07 2001: MP3'S AVAILABLE!

We have now put out two mp3's for your listening pleasure, Southern Tornado and What to call it?. Both are from Redhanded.
You can find them in the albums section.
Ideally we would like to put out more songs, but because of traffic cost with our (otherwise excellent) host, we have to keep a limit on this.

08/06 2001: CONCERTS

22.-23. june: Madam Felle, Bergen, with John Magnar "Hungry John" Bernes.
6.-7. july: Den Stundesløse, Bergen, with John Magnar "Hungry John" Bernes.

07/06 2001: IT'S ALL HERE!

The equipment section is now finished. Here you can find out what gear Mads uses. Mads has just bought a digital camera, so we will try to put out some pictures as well. Also, remember to look out for upcoming concerts and tour dates in this news section.

31/05 2001: NICE REVIEWi

Redhanded got a five-out-of six review in BA, Bergen's second largest newspaper. Read more in the press section.

29/05 2001: ALMOST READY

The new website is almost finished. We will add content to the links as we go along. Be prepared for some minor adjustments though.

14/05 2001: NEW CD!

Mads Eriksen's new cd, called Redhanded is now available.
It features singer/composer Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann, Alan Parsons Project)
Be sure to check it out!

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